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One of the oldest countries in Kenya wild lion killed by herdsmen, government Concerns were raised after six more lions were stabbed in another village on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 10 last week alone.

this lion Loonkiito, 19, was described as frail Kenya Wildlife Services spokesman Paul Genaro said it wandered from Amboseli National Park to a village in search of food on Thursday night.

Six other lions from the same national park were speared to death by herders after killing 11 goats in the Mbirikani area of ​​Kagado district. The number of lions killed by herders reached 10 last week in escalating human-wildlife conflict, worrying the government.

Loonkiito, 19, one of Kenya’s oldest wild lions, was killed by herders.Philip Briggs/AP

Tourism Minister Peninah Malonza met locals in the Mbirikani area on Sunday and urged them not to attack the roaming lions with spears, but to contact wildlife services.

The government and conservation groups have a compensation program for herders whose livestock are killed by wild animals.

But herders have become more protective after losing their livestock in what has been described as the worst drought in decades in East Africa.

Craig Miller of conservation group Big Life Foundation said it was “unfortunate” that Loonkiito was killed because he was the oldest lion in Amboseli National Park.

According to conservationists, wild lions rarely live past the age of 15.

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