Apple Leak Reveals Disappointing MacBook Decision

Apple is preparing to launch its first consumer MacBook with a larger display. It is expected that his World Conference for Developers the debut 15-inch MacBook Air. While many geeks eagerly await the new Air, the specs can be found in a number of ways.

Unfortunately, this larger MacBook Air will be based on last year’s M2 chipset, and that means a consumer laptop that will likely be marketed around the productivity of a 15-inch screen. And there can be a noticeable problem.

If this new model uses the M2 chipset (as is widely believed) will then have the same problems as the 13-inch MacBook Air in terms of a second external display. Chance Miller notes:

“That one limitation is: the ability to use multiple external displays. That is, the ability to connect your MacBook Air and use it to power two external displays on your desk. This is a known limitation of the current 13-inch MacBook Air, and it is a limitation that frustrates many of those users.”

If your workflow requires more than one monitor and you want to stay on a tight budget, then the 15-inch MacBook Air, no matter how attractive it looks and how affordable the price, may not fit the bill. As with Apple’s old MacBook portfolio, if you want more advanced features — in this case, multi-monitor support — you’ll have to pay for the more expensive MacBook Pro model

In Intel’s days, sales growth was all about power. With Apple Silicon, it’s about unlocking features.

The good news is that Apple’s latest decision in the Apple Store can help you decide on a new MacBook Pro, because there is an attractive option that you may not have considered.

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