Car catches fire in Cardiff as UK police confront -News

Dozens of youths threw objects at police and set cars and rubbish bins on fire in Cardiff, sparking local unrest, which erupted after two teenagers were killed in a shooting car accidentofficials said Tuesday.

There was a ‘massive disturbance’ after officers were called to the scene of a car crash in Erie, police say capital of wales Monday night.

South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Travis said: “Our first thoughts are with the families of the two boys who died following the collision in Ely, and those affected by the ensuing chaos.”

“These are scenarios that we don’t want to see in our communities, especially tight-knit communities like Erie.”

Scenes Live on YouTube Dozens of people were shown moving around, many wearing hoods or ski masks, while others threw objects and fired fireworks at a line of police officers holding riot shields blocking the end of the street.

The fire was burning and a helicopter could be heard circling overhead. Shortly before midnight, one car was set ablaze and another was overturned and caught on fire.

Chaos continued into the early hours of Tuesday, with police stationed outside the Erie Police Department at one point amid concerns it could be targeted.

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