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Milan is the guest of drama, or a big night in the Champions League for that matter. But a game like the second part of the second leg – Internazionale vs. AC Milan at San Siro – makes it difficult to stay neutral. So if you are, pick a side and stick to it another night of noise and memory The good old days of Italian football. Here’s what you need to know.

Inter vs. AC Milan is broadcast by CBS (English) and Univision (Spanish), and broadcast on Paramount Plus. Watching somewhere? The full list of UEFA broadcasters is Here. Kickoff is 3pm Eastern, no matter what the ads and TV and tweets tell you.

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Like a group of silly schoolboys, AC Milan’s players stood with their heads bowed and watched as they took in what the team’s fans – passionate and well-prepared – had to say. Standing among them, a model lesson in attentive listening, their leader Stefano Pioli nodded his agreement and understanding.

The ultras, Pioli later revealed, only wanted to “strengthen and strengthen” the team after a particularly bad week. Milan lost twice in four days: first, devastatingly, to Inter Milan in the first leg of their Champions League game; and then, salt on the wound, to Spezia 18th in Serie A.

Pioli should be taken at his word, but from the outside there was no air of a very encouraging encounter. The Milan players looked sad, disappointed, when they were invited to meet the fans after the match against Spezia. They did not give the impression that they appreciated being reminded of their responsibilities.

They have enough power before the second leg, after all. First, of course, there is a place in the Champions League at stake. Your pride is also at risk: The threat of being ostracized by a housemate is a concern. Then, thanks to the defeat at Spezia – which left Milan fifth in Serie A – there is the prospect of the club’s last appearance in the Champions League for a year.

The difference is the way Inter is doing. Simone Inzaghi’s Inter side have been stuttering for a long time but they seem to have found their rhythm in the last minute. Inter have lost just once since the start of April, and have won their last seven games in a row, a run that has included victories over Juventus, Lazio, Roma and Milan.

At the San Siro last week – a game that was Milan’s specialty – Inter seized control early and then held firm, preventing Milan from ever being threatened as the first two goals set up what looked like unmissable chances. Inter has a lot of experience, a very strong team; to come back, it will be able to call back 70,000 fans or more.

No matter how interesting Milan finds chatting with its ultras, it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that talking – in the end – may not be enough.

To be fair, you only have to watch the first 30 seconds to see all the goals Inter are in the driving seat. But the most interesting part is the feedback made by the club.

Inter, naturally, liked:

Additional information (with English comments) is Here.

The winner of Inter-Milan will qualify for the Champions League, which will be June 10 in Istanbul. Each group will be happy to return after what has been (for them) an indefinite absence.

Inter last appeared in 2010, when José Mourinho coached the team beat Bayern Munich, 2-0, at the Bernabéu in Madrid. Milan last played in 2007; won its seventh, and most recent, title that night, 2-1 against Liverpool.

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