Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For The Culinary Traveler

Your dad loves to enjoy the best food the world has to offer. He travels around the world to try the best culinary delights the world has to offer. And whether it’s a flight across the ocean or a trip to a food festival across the country, or even a bike ride to a nearby market, he always has a great time.

This Father’s Day, nurture this passion and give him gifts that remind him of his most epic culinary journeys. It’s even possible that these gifts will inspire some exciting new trips.

bhn no. 8 2022 Parmigiano Reggiano

Whether he likes to travel to Italy for the great wine and cheese or just enjoys the flavors of Italy at home, this delicious one Parmesan ($98.89 – sold in 2.3 lb portions in airtight containers) is made with milk sourced from local barns before being gently fermented in wooden vats and then aged. The result is a 100% natural, amazingly flavored Parmigiano Reggiano, perfect for a finishing touch to recipes or enjoyed on its own as part of a grazing plate at the start of a meal.

Chef Authentic home-cooked meals

This is a gift that allows him to experience the food of the regions he enjoys the most, whether it’s Pad Thai from Thailand or Saag from India. This is the chef meal delivery service (prices vary by dish and order), and the chefs are talented local small business owners in the community who create and deliver authentic, home-cooked meals from over 100 different cuisines.

Talia of Naples The taste of Talia

If he likes to travel, he might have enjoyed pizza in Italy. Thalia of Naples ($127 for an 8-pack) brings that unmistakable and painstakingly recreated authentic Neapolitan pizza right into your home. It’s perfect for a family dinner or any evening when you’re craving a great pizza. (Which could be every night.)

Rishi Tea Garden Direct Wild Silver Needles with Gaiwan

If he travels the world tasting rare teas, he will love the gift of this ancient tea ($32.00 for 50g and $22 for Gaiwan) from the village of Qianjiazhai, famous for its Pu’er teas. Qianjiazhai is famous for its ancient, rare teas, some of which are over 1,000 years old. This tea, combined with a gaiwan gift, can be a wonderful addition to any tea lover’s collection.

Stanley Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cookset

If he’s a culinary adventurer, he’ll probably love the chance to cook and eat while on an adventure. This 21-piece cooking set ($90) is like a portable full kitchen. It comes with a stainless steel pot and 3-tier frying pan, ready to enjoy wherever life in the camper or van takes it.

FarmSteady Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit

Is he originally from New York? Or did he visit there at some point and love the bagels? This bagel making kit ($30) allows him to test his culinary skills at home, all while trying to recreate this beloved travel memory.

Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe

Also a great idea for a camper is a Gas Growler Deluxe ($150). This is a rechargeable option when a culinary trip involves cooking outdoors during the trip. It’s also much more sustainable than those disposable green propane bottles, and can be connected to your stove and grill on the go.

Verve Culture Flavors of Thailand package

Maybe he can’t plan a trip to Thailand right now, but this bundle ($100) may be the next best thing. It includes authentic Thai recipes and ingredients, from spices to herbs sourced directly from Thailand, along with a beautiful Thai Moon Knife packaged in a beautiful mango wood box.

Tiny Turnips Kitchen Rainbow Trivet

If you’re cooking and eating on exciting culinary adventures, chances are you’ll have hot pots and plates in the most unexpected locations. Whether you’re into van living or camping, it’s a really smart idea to have a good suitcase with you. This rainbow trivet ($30) can protect surfaces from scratching or burning from even the hottest dutch ovens, cast iron plates and skillets.

Hollywood Racks Destination E Bike rack

Whether you’re touring farms and vineyards or on a food tour, there’s nothing like being able to appreciate the scenery during your trip. It’s a great idea to be able to carry your bike on your car or van, and a good bike rack makes this a lot easier. This electronic bike rack ($700) can hold up to two bikes, has adjustable frame grabbers, and won’t take time away from touring food festival land thanks to easy loading and unloading.

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