For One Night In Paris, Hotel Rochechouart Offers It All

If you only have one night in Paris, Hotel Rochechouart it does it all: drinks, dinner, dancing and vintage Parisian vibes.

Hotel Rochechouart in the heart of Pigalle is a private 8-storey building that has played a key role in the cultural heritage of the area. Famous in the late 1920s, it attracted travelers, locals, intellectuals and even celebrities who frequented the district’s theaters and art galleries. Today, after a splendid renovation, Hotel Rochechouart has restored its Art Deco appeal under the Orso brand.

Orso, the hotel’s parent brand, is characterized as a company that embodies art

good manners, simplicity and generosity. Founded by Anouk and Louis Solanet, Orso treats guests like friends, while striving to build connections with surrounding neighborhoods and local merchants. Orso redefines hospitality by, in their words, “awakening the senses and evoking memories.” To achieve this mood, the design duo Festen took care of the renovation and design. Are they achieving this mission at Hotel Rochechouart? Without a doubt.

Upon entering the hotel, there is an immediate sense of welcoming warmth and faded grandeur. A marble staircase and antique glass elevator set the stage for an atmospheric stay. The rooms have muted colors, natural wood and an overall mood of pleasant ambience to create a feeling of home comfort. The color palette pays homage to the Parisian era, with shades of gray clouds interspersed with 1920s hues such as green, bronze, tobacco, mocha, terracotta and yellow.

Every room is a little different. Mine was small but cozy and perfect for a night of rest before heading to the airport in the morning. Wooden headboards add textural charm, while retro curved bathrooms, finished with vintage plumbing, transport you back in time. Apartments offer a bit more space, including sofas and armchairs. Mini bars offer jugs of whiskey and gin, custom cocktails and local artisanal snacks.

Hotel Rochechouart has always been a haven for artists, from Maurice Chevalier, Mistinguet to Leo Ferré. Today, the hotel exhibits the works of Tiffany Bouelle, a French-Japanese painter and visual artist. Her series of watercolors, inspired by building shapes and Art Deco style, add a unique touch to the decor. A large painting by Bouelle is also displayed in the restaurant, which blends harmoniously with the colors of the tavern.

With around thirty French antique dealers and artisans contributing to the carefully curated look, art defines the hotel. Black and white photographs, drawings, nudes, landscapes and sculptures from the late 19th century to the 1980s, paying homage to Pigalle’s bohemian past.

The hotel has several dining concepts, which again makes it an excellent choice for a one-night stay.

For a panoramic view, Rooftop Bar on the roof of the 9th floor is a must-see. This hidden terrace, which covers 100 square meters, offers a spectacular view of Montmartre, the Sacré-Cœur, the Eiffel Tower and La Défense. Fig trees, Chinese almonds, vines and aromatic herbs set the mood in a Parisian garden. The bar opens from 17:00 onwards, welcoming guests to sit on the wrought iron lounge chairs, benches and sofas, whether enjoying tea or sipping signature cocktails.

restaurant, Restaurant Rochechouart, is a remarkable addition to the neighborhood and a testament to its lasting legacy. With sculptural arches and pure Art Deco styling, the restaurant has undergone a stunning transformation while preserving its historic essence. The floors have been meticulously renovated to reveal the original blue mosaic surrounded by gold accents that echo 1930s Paris. The furniture for the dining room was reconstructed according to the original designs. From velvet banquettes, tables dressed in white cloths and candles, to dishes served on plates inscribed with the establishment’s insignia, every detail takes guests back to the past. Even the guests, draped at the bar or waiting tables in the lobby, don the glam vintage part.

The menu reflects the brasserie spirit of the classic Pigalle. Fresh products and regional flavors are highlighted, with a daily selection of ten starters, ten main courses and ten desserts. Leeks in vinaigrette, chicken liver terrine, clam casserole, sole Mikado, grilled vegetable casserole and veal cutlet with mustard are just some of the dishes that rotate regularly. Don’t miss dessert – the iconic gâteau de crêpes was created by Freddy Israël, a longtime friend of the Solanet family. Everything I tried was excellent, from the sparkling oysters to the starters to the perfectly cooked Mikado.

French wine lastly includes about sixty bottles of well-known names, as well as unusual and new discoveries, as well as natural wines. I had just come from a week in Burgundy, so I chose a white Santenay at a reasonable price. Luckily, there’s a bottle for every taste and budget. The cocktail menu includes French gins, vodkas and whiskeys found in house creations and classic drinks. The restaurant, which can accommodate up to 80 guests, is open every day.

After dinner, behind the red door at the back of the dining room, go down to Mikado Dancing. Mikado, a music and dance bar with neon signs, opens every night at 11 pm. Lit by Japanese lanterns, Mikado Dancing is reminiscent of the old opium bars of the 1920s and features expert drinks poured against a backdrop of DJs taking turns on the spin deck. Dark and moody, the decor consists of velvet curtains, rugs and retro-style sofas surrounding a large bar with Art Deco motifs. I would have stayed all night, but I had to catch an early flight.

The hotel’s latest debut, next door at number 57, is an oyster bar Lemons and oysters. From aperitif time until late at night, this authentic place, with raw steel reminiscent of neighborhood fishmongers, welcomes guests to linger at the large window and watch daily Parisian life go by. At the counter, choose between French oysters and clams with lemon, homemade vinaigrette or mayonnaise. The menu evolves daily, encompassing the seasons. For drinks, choose from about thirty wines and several house cocktails.

If you only have one night in Paris, especially on vacation, make it count. Hotel Rochechouart takes all the decisions out of where to drink and eat, offering an atmospheric and delicious stay under one roof.

Hotel Rochechouart55 Boulevard de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris

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