Gaming Graphics Card, 1GB DDR3 64bit Graphics

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Item Type: Graphics Card
Material: Metal, Electronic
Core: for GF119
Video Memory Capacity: 1024M(1GB)
Video Memory Type: DDR3
Video Memory Bit Width: 64bit
Video Storage Frequency: 810mhz
Core Frequency: 1000mhz
Stream Processor Unit (sp): 48
Bus Interface: Pciexpress2.0
Maximum Resolution: 2560×1600
for Directx Support: for DirectX11
Power Consumption of Graphics Card: 60W
External Power Supply: None
Recommended Power Supply: 200w
Heat Dissipation of Graphics Card: Air Cooling
Output Interface: High Definition Multimedia Interface, VGA, DVI

How to Use:

Package List:
1 xGraphics Card
1 x Disc
1 x User Manual

Excellent Workmanship: Fully public PCB design, the core part of the use of 1 phase power supply design, equipped with fully enclosed inductor, solid state capacitor and eight pin for Mosfet, effectively ensure the stability of the graphics card operation.
Bus Interface: PCI Express is a new generation of bus interface. PCI Express uses point to point serial connection and does not need to request bandwidth from the whole bus.
Core Chip: GT610 is a new generation of medium and low end main class graphics card based on PCIE, the core technology of for GeForce119 series. The fully unified GPU graphics core dynamically allocates operations such as geometry, vertex physics or pixels coloring, exerting excellent graphics processing power and game performance.
Output Interface: Equipped with High Definition Multimedia Interface and DVI, VGA interface design, can meet the needs of mainstream users.


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