GB Rowing to allow trans women to continue competing-News

British Rowing is continuing to allow transgender women to compete in women’s competitions following a survey of its members.

It also said there would be “no immediate changes” to its merger policy.

However, the governing body has not ruled out changing its policy after the current racing season ends in September.

Earlier this month, more than 30,000 members were asked if they wanted transgender athletes to be banned from the women’s team.

British Rowing allows single women to take part in women’s events if their testosterone levels are below five nanomoles per liter for two years.

World Rowing has a slightly different formula with the testosterone level set at 2.5 nanomoles per liter. Members were also asked whether they wanted to join the international agreement or maintain the current approach.

In a statement, British Rowing chief Alastair Marks said: “I’m following through [a] The British Rowing Board meeting our current policy on Transgender and Non Binary Inclusion in competition was reviewed.

“We have today informed our members that there will be no immediate changes to the rules affecting the current season of the competition and further changes will be announced before the start of next season.”

British Rowing would not reveal the results of the survey of its members.

Last year, British Rowing chairman Mark Davies called on the sport’s world governing body create an ‘open’ group for transgender athletes, saying they “shared concerns” the rules are a “threat to progress” in women’s sports.

British Cycling is established revealing his transgender identity following comments later this week after he considered banning female gymnasts from competing in women’s meets.

In February, UK Athletics said it wanted to change the rules so that the women’s team would be legally reserved for competitors who are registered as female at birth. The governing body said all transgender athletes should be allowed to compete with men in the open category to “ensure fairness” in women’s competitions.

In March, World Athletics banned transgender women from women’s competition in international events.

In 2022, the British Triathlon became the first sports club in Britain to launch a new ‘open’ club how transgender athletes can compete. The Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union have also banned transgender women from competing in their women’s only games.

Researchexternal link He says that transgender women maintain better cardiorespiratory fitness and strength compared to female athletes, even after taking testosterone-suppressing hormones for more than a decade. Critics of the participation of HIV-positive athletes in some women’s sports argue that it gives them an advantage over others and reduces opportunities for women.

However, some argue that there is not enough research and that sports should be more inclusive, with open teams criticized for being involved. racist.

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