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zong number check code
Zong number Check

Are you a Zong user but can’t seem to remember your own phone number? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you how to check your Zong number using the Zong Number Check Code. We will also discuss all other possibiltes for checking zong number. As zong provides multilpe options for their customer to check zong sim number using number check code.
If you need to verify your number or have forgotten it. Any subscriber to Zong may view his Zong sim ID. The easiest way to display the Zong number on your mobile device is to simply call *100# on the Zong SIM. All necessary information about the Zong account will be generated by this instruction.
Downloading the MY Zong APP, which is available for download on iOS and Android platforms, from the relative app stores. After downloading the app, users can sign in using their Zong account credentials to view their number and other account information. If, for some reason subscribers cannot access their Zong number via the above methods, Zong customer service is readily available 24/7 to assist them. The customer service team can provide all necessary Zong account details, including the phone number.

Now, let’s dive into the steps on how to check your Zong number using the Zong Number Check Code.

Follow these steps to check the Zong Sim number:

Method 1 (Dial *100# to check number)


The easiest way to check your Zong number is by dialing *100# from your Zong SIM.
Your Zong number will display on your phone screen. This method is quick and convenient.
There is no need for the internet to use this method. The steps are written below:

  • Insert Simcard in your phone
  • Launch the dialer app on your smartphone.
  • Dial *100# (Zong Number checking code).
  • Select your Sim
  • Wait for two seconds.
  • Your SIM number will be displayed on the screen.

Method 2 (Send an SMS to 667 to check Number)

Another way to check your Zong number is by sending an SMS to 667. Type “MNP” in the message body and send it to the 667 number. You will receive an SMS with your Zong number shortly. The Steps are below:

  • Open Messager App on Phone
  • Select New message.
  • Type “MNP”
  • Send a message to 667.
  • Soon, you will get an SMS containing your zong number.

Method 3 (Call Zong customer service)

If you are unable to use the above two methods, you can call customer service to know your Zong number. Dial 310 from your Zong SIM and follow the instructions given by the customer service representative. They will ask questions to verify your identity and provide your Zong number. The steps are below:

  • Call 310.
  • A customer care representative will connect with you.
  • Ask him for your number.
  • He will ask you some questions.
  • You will get your number in a message sent from the company.

In addition to the Zong number check service, the company offers its clients many other services. Zong provides a variety of internet data packages tailored to all types of users, from light to heavy internet users. Zong prides itself on providing its customers with a vast range of services, including Zong number retrieval, data package acquisition, and customer service assistance. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it a top choice for telecom users.

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