Jockey Club applies for injunction against protests-News

Epsom Downs will host the Derby Festival from 2-3 June

The Jockey Club has asked the High Court to stop animal rights activists from disrupting the Derby Festival on 2-3 June.

The owner of Epsom Downs says the Animal Rising group has made it “very clear” that it wants to breach the security.

This rule will prevent people from entering the track and disrupting the races.

Last month, animal rights activists delayed the start of the Grand National by the Aintree track.

Opponents he also tried to disrupt the Scottish Grand National the following week.

A Supreme Court hearing to decide whether to grant the ban is expected on Friday.

“If this decision is passed, people who violate the court order could be held in contempt of court, which could result in fines or imprisonment,” the Jockey Club said in a statement.

It said the law “will not threaten everyone’s right to peaceful and lawful protest” and has given Animal Rising a place near the entrance to the racecourse to protest on Derby day. [Saturday, 3 June].

The festival in Surrey features the Grade One races The Oaks and The Derby.

Animal Rising has repeatedly posted on social media about disrupting the festival.

“It is our responsibility and our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety and avoid a repeat of the illegal and reckless protests we saw at Aintree in April,” said Jockey Club CEO Nevin Truesdale.

“So the decision to apply for an injunction is a process we have been forced to take and is the result of careful consideration following discussions with Surrey Police and other stakeholders. If successful, this would be part of the strong security measures we are putting in place to ensure that the event can be carried out successfully.”

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