New Design Details Emerge About NJORD Residential Superyacht

A 954-foot-long concept NORTH with 117 luxury residences is clearly inspired by some of the largest and most luxurious superyachts in the world. And I’m excited to see superyacht specialists like the team in the UK Neal Jones furniture they are starting to share some detailed pictures of what the finished parts of the outdoor spaces will look like.

“We’ve worked very hard to refine these pieces to such a clean and elegant design that they’ll look right at home on any patio or deck,” says Neal Jones, founder and creative director of Neal Jones Furniture. “Ocean Residences is very keen to make the vessel look 10/10 every time it enters port and luxurious, consistent outdoor furniture is a key part of this and featured heavily in our brief.”

NJORD, has 117 private residences on 13 decks, boasts a crew of 300, six different restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines, numerous health and wellness facilities, and will operate worldwide, creating a true home from home. In addition, the ship is also packed with extensive scientific oceanographic technology, providing vital research data to charitable missions and urgent causes as it sails the world, and boasts impressive environmental and carbon neutral credentials.

“It feels great to be at the stage where we can really start to show how luxurious this vessel will be,” says Kristian Stensby, founder, president and CEO of Ocean Residences Development, which is currently developing NJORD. “This project will be revolutionary in many ways, and we are incredibly proud of it. A vessel is nothing without the luxury furnishings to complement it, and we are delighted to have Neal and his experienced team on board.”

Watch this space.

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