New Digital Twin Of The Titanic Could Reveal Shipwreck’s Secrets

The RMS Titanic can now be seen in more stunning detail than at any time because it was all in one piece. Magellan, Ltd. based in the UK, used remote-controlled underwater vehicles to create a comprehensive 3D digital model of the shipwreck that experts call “amazing”.

More than eleven decades have passed since a ship that was thought to be unsinkable and an unprecedented feat of engineering turned into a great tragedy. The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic in 1912, and has been a subject of fascination ever since.

The wreck site was found on the sea floor in 1985, more than two miles below the surface of the ocean.

Magellan’s deep-sea experts spent more than 200 hours teaming up with Atlantic Productions, which is making a documentary about the project, to capture over 700,000 images of the ship from all angles to generate the model.

“From this data, a ‘digital twin’ was created that shows the wreck to a level of detail and clarity that has not been seen before,” the statement said. Atlantic Productions. “The exact condition of the wreck has been revealed and the entire historic site has been mapped.”

The expedition captured all the images in the summer of 2022, while spending six weeks stationed not far from the shipwreck site more than 400 miles off the coast of Canada. A pair of submarines nicknamed Romeo and Juliet mapped an entire debris field on the ocean floor that stretches three miles across.

“In one of the propeller blades you can see unopened bottles of champagne and even a serial number,” Titanic historian Craig Sopin he told CNN.

He says the new model should allow new analysis of the mechanics of the Titanic’s last hours above water, how it sank and the extent of damage done by the iceberg.

Chopin adds that the model is especially valuable to have now, as the shipwreck continues to disintegrate.

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