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Seoul, South Korea – A passenger opens the emergency exit door on a flight to South Korea South Korea On Friday, the air exploded in the cabin and some people on board suffered minor injuries, officials said. The plane landed safely.

Some people on the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 tried to stop someone who was able to partially open the door, the transportation ministry said.

The plane with 194 people on board was flying from the southern island of Jeju to the southeastern city of Daegu. An airline official told NBC News that the flight, which typically takes about an hour, occurred shortly before the plane touched down, about 200 meters (700 feet) from the ground.

A video apparently filmed by the flight crew and posted on social media showed some passengers’ hair being blown loudly by the loud blowing into the cabin through the open door, as some passengers grabbed hold of the armrest for support.

On May 26, 2023, an Asiana Airlines plane was parked at Daegu International Airport in South Korea when one of the doors suddenly opened. Yun Kwan-shick / AP

Police detained the unidentified person who opened the door, the airline said. His motives are unclear.

While some passengers were evaluated at a hospital, the incident terrified some passengers, but no one was hurt, Asiana Airlines and transportation ministry officials said.

“The plane is still a few minutes away from landing,” Han Jae Min, an Asiana Airlines official, said in a phone interview Friday.

“Nine passengers were taken to a nearby hospital with breathing problems after landing, but we know they are doing well,” Han said.

“The male passenger sitting next to the open emergency exit door said he was fiddling with the handle and then he opened the door. He is currently being questioned by the police and we understand that he told the police that he opened the door,” Han added.

The passengers included teenage athletes scheduled to compete in an athletics meet in Ulsan, another city in the southeast.

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