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Blackmore is chief jockey for the 2021 Cheltenham Festival

Jockey Rachael Blackmore, who was handed a five-day ban for the controversial ride, was initially cleared of no breach of the rules.

On 12 May, following an investigation by the Irish Racing Board (IHRB), she was found to have won on track at Kilbeggan by mistake and prematurely.

Raceday stewards initially did not approve of the trailblazing 33-year-old.

Her mount Ms. Rita had one track left before finally finishing fourth.

Irish rider Blackmore makes history first female jockey to win a national grand prix When you win in the Minella Times in 2021.

She denied an error of judgment at Kilbeggan, saying she sent her horse to the front because she wanted to ensure a strong gallop and then let the mare pass the winning point for the first time as her mount ‘became the nest’ relax.

Kilbeggan administrators said they were not entirely convinced by Blackmore’s explanation, but could not be sure that her misjudgment, if any, contributed to her not getting the best ranking.

The IHRB announced an investigation the next day and found she violated Rule 212A(iv).

The rules state: “Any rider who fails to obtain the best position due to negligent misjudgment (including misjudgment of the number of winning positions or tracks, relieving his mount or stopping riding without good reason) shall be guilty of an offense under this section.”

Blackmore also had to forfeit her ride fees.

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