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Video assistant referee (VAR) was introduced to the Premier League at the beginning of 2019-2020.

Releasing the audio of the video assistant’s decision is a “small step forward” in providing information on what happened, said Chief Justice Howard Webb.

The use of VAR technology has been questioned and criticized by managers, players and pundits throughout the Premier League season.

In an effort to improve visibility, Webb appeared on Sky Sports to discuss how key decisions were made, alongside pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

“We want to do this [release audio] as much as we can,” Webb said on Monday Night Soccer.

“Today is obviously something new. We’re making a little bit of progress. Going forward into next season we’ll look to do the same.

“We can’t play, Fifa doesn’t allow us to play in the game – who knows where it will go in the future – but nothing will stop us from showing knowledge later.”

The live music was released by the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) for six games this season, with supporters able to hear the conversation before Webb made the announcement.

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal – VAR changes decision (7 May)

Jakub Kiwior is penalized for handball after a tackle by Bruno Guimaraes
Jakub Kiwior was penalized for handball after a tackle by Bruno Guimaraes

What happened?

Referee Chris Kavanagh awarded Newcastle a handball penalty when Bruno Guimaraes tackled Jakub Kiwior, however VAR Michael Salisbury overturned the decision with replays showing the ball hit the defender’s thigh before touching his arm.

What did people do then?

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock said: “It’s from the thigh and then the arm, it’s not a penalty. I don’t know why the Newcastle fans are angry.”

What did they talk about?

VAR Salisbury: “We are looking for a punishment for youexternal link… can you be sure it’s an arm and you didn’t hit the thigh first? We have to make sure it’s not his thigh.

“It looks like it’s a thigh and an arm. So the arm is, for me, natural. The ball comes from the thigh and moves into that arm. I don’t believe it’s a penalty shot.

“I recommend an on-field review of the penalty he gave. What we are showing you is the difficulty of the ball and the condition of the arm.”

Referee Kavanagh: “So we’ll have the knee break first. Show me again. The arm is close, the first thing I did was the arm is out, then I’ll start again and drop the ball to the goalkeeper. .”

Webb’s explanation:

“There are two things about it. The ball hits the thigh well – the shorts move – and the arm goes back into the body and makes the player look smaller. The arm is not what the referee thinks it is.

“I am keen to ensure that our use of VAR is consistent. This is a good way to use VAR because it is different from what the player saw. There is another issue for the referee to review this decision. .”

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool – VAR disallows Havertz’s goal (April 4)

Kai Havertz scores for Liverpool but his goal is disallowed
The VAR review showed that Kai Havertz’s goal should have been disallowed

What happened?

Kai Havertz had a goal disallowed for handball after VAR Kavanagh told referee Anthony Taylor that the ball had gone through the hands of the Chelsea player after Alisson’s early shot.

What did people do then?

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, ex-Arsenal defender Matt Upson said: “You can see in replays he just raises his elbow. It’s good to save Alisson because he’s big and he’s out of Havertz’s hands and back into the net.”

What did they talk about?

Field player Taylor: “The field goal is a goal because I think it hits Havertz in the chest.”external link

VAR Kavanagh: “That’s true. Just put it on the arm. Right, that’s the arm. I suggest you don’t let the goal go. It’s a handball, it leads to the ball in the net immediately. It’s true.”

Webb’s explanation:

“It’s an opportunity for the VAR officials to see something that the on-field referee couldn’t. You hear Taylor saying that he thinks it’s a chest hit, but we know that if it goes into the hands it has to be challenged.

“In this case, the referee does not need to see the window because it is true, there is no need for any other interpretation.

“Instead of wasting time sending the judge to appear, we turn the idea around and try to do the best we can.”

Brentford 2-0 Bournemouth – VAR fails to award penalty (January 14)

Ivan Toney was brought down by Marcos Senesi
Howard Webb explained that VAR should have awarded Bournemouth a free kick but failed to analyze the initial error.

What happened? Referee Jarred Gillett awarded Brentford a penalty for Marcos Senesi’s foul on Ivan Toney, a call upheld by VAR Marriner, although Toney appeared to have caught the defender’s arm before the incident.

What did people do then? Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neil called the penalty decision “disgusting”, adding: “I don’t know how you get VAR wrong.” But, speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, former Wales defender James Collins said it was a clear penalty and “very difficult”.

What did they talk about?

Referee Gillett: “Second. Grab him with an arm around him and pull him down.”

VAR Marriner: “There is enough to support this. See it all.”

Webb’s explanation:

“I don’t think there’s anything to suggest that it’s a clear error, but obviously, we’re not just looking at the end result but the part that leads to the decision.

“Here we see a mistake by Toney on Senesi, before Senesi put his arm on Toney. The sequence did not start quickly. It is a case against the judgment. Toney closes in and grabs his arm and this should be punished with a free-kick for Bournemouth.

“We know that watching it for a long time can be frustrating but we hope that when you play these audios you will see that there is a way.

“We cannot sacrifice accuracy for the sake of speed. In this case, VAR did not thoroughly analyze the entire series that caused the contact between Toney and Senesi. If it had, it would have shown Toney’s actions and brought the penalty. It was destroyed.”

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