Russell Wilson On Turning His Luxe, Everyday Style Into The Good Man Brand

Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl as an NFL quarterback and progressed through his career with mature, professional style and charm. Wilson’s athletic background naturally lends him to casual cuts that can be seen in hoodies and t-shirts, never straying far from mobility-inspired clothing.


The 2014 Super Bowl-winning quarterback is cleaning at his best, knowing he’s wearing a suit for press conferences and events, adding a great flash. The middle for Wilson is his Good Man Brandwith knitwear, shirts with buttons, V-neck T-shirtjoggers, lambskin jackets, recycled polyester jackets and cashmere sweaters.

Wilson’s fashion business was launched in 2016 to eliminate men’s problems in dressing for the occasion, especially as a professional athlete. Opportunity has created a clothing line that is easily accessible for the average man, who is looking for quality pieces with clean silhouettes, monocratic styling and minimal motifs.


“I love the job and I’m surrounded by incredible entrepreneurs,” he says of his Denver Broncos quarterback Good Man Brand venture. “When it came time to launch the brand in 2016, we did it with the mindset of having a menswear brand that works for every aspect of life and is sustainable. My focus was to create a ‘Mid-Range Game’ for men’s fashion – Welcome Good Man Brand.”


“We built GMB [Good Man Brand] for people who want to live what we stand for – do good, feel good, look good.” Russell Wilson has shown his talent on the gridiron and equally expresses himself off the football field. Now, with his B-Corp-certified a company in full bloom, We make amazing clothes from great fabrics, but at the end of the day we try to inspire and empower. We are celebrating our one year anniversary as a B-Corp certified brand. This collection is 84% ​​made from climate-conscious materials, our highest percentage to date.”

Russell Wilson’s fashion sense and taste have evolved naturally, partly inspired by his pop star wife Ciara. “Before I met Ciara, my wardrobe wasn’t as sharp as it is today. She inspired me to improve my appearance. With football we are always in uniform, so it was important for us to build the brand and create a collection that is sustainable, stylish and suitable for every part of my day when I am not on the pitch or in the gym. We built the men’s line around not only looking and feeling good – but doing good.


The Good Man brand is “Made to Move,” and for Wilson, this is the greatest compliment his line offers to men and to himself as a professional athlete. “Understanding how active my lifestyle is – going to the gym, being a dad, hanging out with my family – all of those things really played into what we wanted to design. It’s evolved into a collection of stylish, sustainable and sensible pieces that are easy to style and comfortable to wear, but also allow you to look sharp and transition through whatever the day throws at you. Good Man Brand is ‘Made to Move!’”


Good Man Brand understands that style is different with a simple approach to creating a line and curating stylish, high quality garments. “Some of my favorites are our Made in Italy leather trainers and our Hollis trousers – perfect for my everyday look when I’m coming home from school with the kids, heading to a business meeting or going on a date with Ciara. Our goal is to make every man feel confident in every step he takes.”

“We really wanted to create a collection that is ideal for high-end things. I call it the ultimate 7-day wear with comfortable pieces that are durable. Our knit jacket is something I love and can wear when I’m hanging out at home or out to dinner. Our Legend sneakers are the ultimate grand slam with any outfit,” explains Wilson. The flexible wardrobe that the Good Man brand helps men create—joggers, jackets, recycled polyester blazers, cashmere sweaters and sophisticated pairs of shoes—serves a modern lifestyle as well as more NFL quarterbacksand athletes who learn more about their style..


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