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DALLAS — Dallas Stars Captain Jamie Benn he said it was “temporary heat” to play there it led to a game penalty in Game 3, earning him a first-period ejection and a hearing Wednesday with the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Benn said Wednesday that he had to be more careful with his body and the stick.

Just one minute, 53 seconds into Tuesday night’s 4-0 loss to Golden Knights In Dallas, Benn was given a foul on the Vegas captain’s game Mark Stone around the jaw when Stone was flat on the ice.

Vegas moved within one win of the Western Conference finals sweep of the Stars.

“That was my first change on home ice, when you’re up a lot and you’re down 1-0. So you want to try to get your game going. Emotions are high and it’s a sad game,” Benn said. “I put my team in trouble, so it’s sad.”

“It didn’t feel right,” Stone told reporters Wednesday. “I think I was a little surprised. At the beginning of the game, it was my first change in the game. I didn’t expect to be stepped on like this. But I could hear the referee making sure I was all right. And I felt good enough to get up. The referees confirmed that it was the right call.”

When asked if he would change anything about the game, Benn said he believes he fell for Stone.

“Obviously, I didn’t want to take a five-minute penalty, but when the game happens quickly, the emotions are high. Obviously I would have liked not to fall and I think I will use my stick as a slope,” he said. he said.

Can he use the defense that is falling in his player protection department?

“Maybe we’ll play all the games from our end and I’ll try to tell them how I feel and what’s going on at the moment,” he said.

George Parros, director of the Department of Player Safety, attended Game 3.

With his team already trailing 1-0 in the first two minutes of the game, Benn knocked Stone down the ice with a check. With Stone behind him, Benn drove his staff through Stone’s chin as he fell to the ice.

The on-ice officials gave Benn a match penalty on review. He reviewed the play on a tablet near the penalty boxes and determined it was the right call.

Per NHL Rule 59, a check match penalty can be assessed if the referee believes that a player “tried or intentionally injured an opponent by checking.”

Vegas scored on the ensuing power play at 7:10 of the first period, scoring a Dallas quarterback. Jake Oettinger after facing only five bullets.

“I’m not sure you can spell it worse,” Dallas coach Peter DeBoer said. DeBoer and Benn Dallas’ teammates offered help to their captain after the game. In front Tyler SeguinDallas’ second longest-tenured player behind Benn, said there was “zero” frustration with the captain in the Stars locker room.

“Jamie is one of, if not the, best captain in this league and a great leader. Together, we lost as a team,” he said.

DeBoer said Benn “made a mistake” on the play.

“I don’t think anyone in this house feels more sorry than he does about it. I’m not going to pile it on him. He’s been a leader here his whole career and he leads by example every day on the ice. He made a mistake. Fortunately, Mark Stone is fine,” he said.

Benn also said he was relieved Stone was not injured during the game. He also agreed with DeBoer about his mental breakdown and actions.

“Your team is down 0-2 in the series and 1-0 in the game and you put them on a five-minute penalty. So maybe you’re thinking how it goes,” he said.

Game 4 is Thursday night in Dallas.

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