The AI Race: After Bing, Google to introduce AI in Search Results

google brain

The leading search engine giant Google has recently announced its plans to revolutionize the way people search for information online. The company plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance capabilities of its search engine and deliver more complex and conversational responses to user queries.

After the announcement of Microsoft to launch new Bing with AI powers which will enhance search results and results will be more reliable. As Microsoft has recently invested $10 Billion in Open AI (an artificial Intelligence start up). . This will make it easier for users to understand the information they are looking for and will provide a more engaging and interactive experience.

The company is working on its search engine that will use AI and will be able to offer more intuitive and personalized results to users. In addition, the search results will contain bullets ponits.

The integration of AI technology into Google’s search engine will allow the company to provide a more natural and human-like response to user queries. This will eliminate the need for users to sift through pages of information to find the answers for which they are looking for. As the search engine will be able to understand the context of a query more accurately and provide relevant and accurate results.

Moreover, the AI technology will also allow Google’s search engine to adapt to the evolving needs of users. As users’ queries become more complex, the search engine will be able to keep pace and provide relevant answers, thereby improving the overall search experience for users. Google will incorporate visual elements in its results. Moreover, CEO of Google Said:

“The potential for generative AI goes far beyond language and text,” he said, noting that the new tech can be used to search through information “visually.”

Google’s plans to use AI technology may change the way people search for information online is a major step forward in the Enhancement of search engine technology. It is expected that users will get more conversational response regarding to their searc queries . The integration of AI technology into Google’s search engine is a game-changer and will set the standard for future search engine technology.

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