Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Clues For Tuesday, May 23

Happy Tuesday, gang! I hope your week is going well so far. Clues and answers for today Quordle the words are just ahead.

For all the newcomers joining us, here’s how to play Quordle: Just start typing the words. You have four five-letter words to guess and nine attempts to find them all. The catch is that you play all four words at the same time.

If you get the letter in the right place for any of the four words, it will glow green. If the word contains a letter from one of your guesses but is in the wrong place, it will appear in yellow. You can always check out the practice games before tackling the daily puzzle.

Here are some clues for today Quordle game, followed by the answers:

Quordle clues for May 23rd

  1. Word 1 (upper left) trace — less narrow
  2. Word 2 (top right) clue — be patient for something to happen
  3. Word 3 (bottom left) – The official name for the “X” button on the PlayStation controller
  4. Word 4 (lower right) clue — full of substance or interest
  5. Two words have a pair of repeated letters
  6. Today’s words start with W, A, C and M

Quordle answers for May 23

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll down the page until you’re ready to reveal today’s Quordle answers.

This is your last warning!

Today’s words are…

That’s all for today Quordle clues and answers. I’ll have tips and a fix for Wednesday’s game my blog as soon as I can.

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