Today’s Wordle #701 Hints, Clues And Answer For Sunday, May 21st

Lazy Sunday has finally arrived as we wrap up what is – at least in my rhythm – the last weekend of the school term. A few more days to throw light and airy classes where everyone – from teachers to students to staff – already has one foot out the door.

There is officially one more month until summer itself. The summer solstice is on June 21st, the day after my birthday. I usually throw a summer solstice party for my birthday every year, but this year we’re going back to Montana to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. I love Montana, so that should be fun.

Having your birthday fall on or near the summer solstice is pretty cool because it’s the longest day of the year. It’s also almost exactly half a year since Christmas. I’ve always felt pretty lucky about that. For many things, indeed.

Anyway, let’s do this Wordle so we can continue being lazy. (Note: I won’t actually be lazy because I have a million different projects and things to do, but I hope so you may be lazy on my behalf).

How to solve today’s Wordle

Tip: Loud and obnoxious. Rude and confident. Impulsive.

Clue: This word has many more consonants than vowels in it.





Today’s etymology of the word

The word “brš” has an interesting etymology. It originated in the middle of the 19th century and has its roots in the Scottish dialect. Here’s a breakdown of its etymology:

The word “brash” originally came from the Scottish word “brash”, which meant “attack” or “attack”. It is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word “brath”, meaning “sudden shower” or “sudden attack”. The Scottish Gaelic word “brath” also had the meaning of a sudden burst or eruption.

Over time, the meaning of the word “bold” expanded to include the idea of ​​suddenness or suddenness. In English, it has come to describe someone who acts rashly or impulsively, often without regard to the consequences. It can also be used to describe things that are flashy, flashy, or lacking in subtlety.

The evolution of “courage” shows how words can change in meaning and usage as they pass from one language or dialect to another.

Wordle Bot analysis

After I finish Wordle, I always go to login Wordle Bot to see how I scored, both in terms of each individual guess and if I outsmarted the Bot or not.

Mouse it wasn’t a bad opening guess, even though I only got one green box. That reduced the possible words to just 54 (from more than 2,000). I decided to guess all the new letters for my second guess, hoping to eliminate as many as possible. Hairy included all the remaining vowels and left me with only three words to choose from.

Unfortunately, these were cheeky, rubbish and crash. There is simply no possible way of knowing which of the three it would be. Instead of guessing one by one, I chose a word that I knew wouldn’t be correct: chest. This would definitely let me know what the final answer was, since it included ‘C’ and ‘T’. I could have gambled and picked one. Even if I got it wrong, I’d have a 50/50 chance of getting it right on guess number 4. But this way I was 100% sure I’d get it in 4. Should I have risked it? Who knows. I guess I was methodical and I wasn’t insolent.

Today’s score: Alas, hitting in 4 means zero points and losing to the Wordle Bot (who got it in 3) means -1 for a total of -1. Oh good!

Play Competitive Wordle Against Me!

I played a horrible game of PvP Wordle against my nemesis Wordle But. Now you should play against me! I can be your enemy! (And your helpful guide to Wordle, of course). You can also play against the Bot if you have a subscription to the New York Times.

  • Here are the rules: 1 point to get Wordle in 3 guesses.
  • 2 points to get in 2 guesses.
  • 3 points to get in 1 guess.
  • 1 point for beating Erik
  • 0 points to get in 4 guesses.
  • -1 point to get in 5 guesses.
  • -2 points to get in 6 guesses.
  • -3 points for loss.
  • -1 point for losing to Eric

You can keep track of your score if that’s your jam or just play day by day if you prefer.

I would be glad if you follow me Twitter or Facebook dearest Wordlers. Have a nice day!

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