Uber Launches Teen Accounts

As the New York mom of an increasingly Uber-dependent 15-year-old (“Mom, all the kids at school have an Uber account on their phone,” she always says), I couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you that teenage Uber accounts are finally a thing. Starting May 22, for the first time ever, the app’s family profiles will have an account option for teenagers.

It features all the safety tools that kids between 13 and 17 need to stay protected on every trip and it gives parents like me invaluable peace of mind. Teenagers like mine will enjoy the independence they get from requesting their own rides and ordering food through Uber Eats as well. Panda Express and Chipotle, here we come!

With teen accounts, parents are included in every travel and delivery request their teens make. They can also monitor the journey on their phones in real time so they know exactly where their teen is going and who is behind the wheel. Uber guarantees that only top-rated drivers are eligible to transport teenagers.

Setup is simple: parents or guardians invite their teen to open an account. They are then notified of their every request and can even get in touch with their driver.

Security tools include:

  • Live travel tracking: parents and guardians are notified when their teen requests a ride and can track it in their Uber app.
  • PIN verification: will be needed for every trip to make sure your teens get into the right vehicle. because it provides an extra layer of protection to ensure teenagers get into the right vehicle
  • RideCheck: Uber relies on GPS data to catch if a ride goes off course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. If so, the Uber app will text your teen and the driver to make sure they’re okay.
  • Audio recording: teenagers have the option to record their travels. It is then encrypted and stored on their phones and can only be accessed if the driver or rider reports the incident to Uber and chooses to attach the audio file to the report.

Sachin Kansal, vice president of product management for Uber, is behind the teenager’s account and says the feature was born out of his own need. “With two of our children, including a working 14-year-old, there is no greater challenge for my wife and I than transportation,” he told me. families everywhere. We designed teen accounts for rides and meals to help families on the go like ours.”

Here are safe rides for teenagers with Uber. Me and my teenager applaud that.

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