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Micah Richards says La Liga president Javier Tebas’ response to the racist abuse suffered by Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr “has made my blood boil”.

Vinicius has been the target of racist abuse several times this season, with the latest incident earning him support from the football world.

The handling of the incident was widely condemned, including by the Brazilian government.

After the game, Vinicius and Tebas had an altercation on Twitter, with Brazilians saying La Liga “belongs to racists” and “in Brazil, Spain is called a racist country”.

Tebas responded that Vinicius was twice absent from meetings to discuss what it “can do in cases of racism”, adding: “Before you criticize and slander La Liga, you need to know yourself properly.”

“Havel [Tebas] Trying to make himself a victim of all of this and what he did in the statement was absolutely embarrassing,” said the former Manchester City and England defender. Richards told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Monday Nightclub.

“It makes my blood boil and that’s part of the problem. It’s not just a football problem, it’s life that people go through every day.”

Real Madrid have reported the abuse of the 22-year-old to the Spanish prosecutor’s office as a hate crime. Spanish prosecutors will now decide whether to open a criminal investigation.

The lights of Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue were switched off for an hour on Monday, in cooperation with the Brazilian Football Federation and the Observatory of Racism in Football.

The Archdiocese Sanctuary, which manages the monument, said it “denies” the racism Vinicius faced, adding: “The monument’s lights will be switched off as a symbol of the collective struggle against racism and in solidarity with the players and all Those are the ones who experience prejudice all over the world.”

Vinicius said on Instagram: “Black and strong. May this Christ symbolize our struggle. Thank you so much for all the love. I will always be ready to fight for our ideals.”

The lights on the Christ the Redeemer statue are switched off for one hour from 18:00 local time

“What chance do we have?”

Richards said attempts to curb racism in games “haven’t worked.”

“People don’t care enough, that’s the problem,” he added. “If people cared they would do something.

“It’s not about getting on your knees or wearing a Kick it Out shirt because it doesn’t work. I’m tired of having to talk about the same things that happen over and over again.

“We’ve said enough. It’s the racists who need to fix themselves. It’s always the same until harsher penalties are imposed.

“If Javier thinks that way, what chance do we have?”

Peer pundits and former Blackburn and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton have called for Tebas to be removed from his position.

“When a guy is in such a strong position, getting into an argument with Vinicius Jr. on Twitter, telling him he’s wrong, it’s obvious to everyone that the position needs to change,” he said.

“It’s a starting point.”

“It’s not football, it’s inhumane”

In a new social media post on Monday, Vinicius listed the abuse he’s suffered this season and said it wasn’t an “isolated case.”

“What’s missing to criminalize these people? And punish the club in terms of sport? Why don’t sponsors charge La Liga? Don’t TV stations bother to broadcast this barbarity every weekend?” he said.

He added: “The problem is so serious that press releases no longer work. Accusing me of justifying criminal behavior is also useless. This is not football, this is inhumane.”

Commenting on the post on Instagram, Burnley manager and former Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany wrote: “My heart bleeds when I see the pictures.

“Our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers have endured so much…but the struggle is not over. Our children will not grow up in a world where discrimination and hatred prevail. They will know their worth, they never will Bow down even those who choose discrimination, separation and hatred. Vinicius, you are not alone. We stand together and we are stronger than ever.”

Vinicius Junior has suffered abuse this season

September 2022 – Some Atlético Madrid fans sang racist songs to Vinicius outside their Wanda Metropolitano stadium ahead of a Real Madrid game in September 2022. Atletico Madrid later condemned “Unacceptable” chants from “minority” fans.

September 2022 – Some pundits in Spain criticized Vinicius for dancing with the corner flag while celebrating the goal. he responded Saying “the happiness of black Brazilians in Europe” is behind the criticism.

December 2022 – Vinicius appeared to receive racist abuse as he walked past fans after being substituted in Valladolid. La Liga says it has filed a lawsuit The racist abuse against Vinicius was notified to “relevant judicial, administrative and sporting bodies”.

January 2023 – Portrait of a Real Madrid winger He was hanged from a bridge near the club’s training ground ahead of the Copa del Rey match against Atletico Madrid. Atletico described the incident as “disgusting”.

February 2023 – Mallorca fans caught on camera allegedly racist The Brazilian in the game against Real Madrid.

March 2023 – La Liga said that “intolerable racist behavior towards Vinicius was once again observed” during the match against Barcelona and had reported the racist insult to the Barcelona Education Court.

May 2023 – Vinicius was racially abused against Valencia.

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