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Vinicius Jr. has been subjected to disgusting racist abuse almost everywhere he plays in La Liga, which shows that things need to change.

Pooh is right not to put up with this constant racist abuse.

It is outrageous that so many Spaniards thought the racist insult in the stadium was a joke. He has said enough. You can only agree with this statement.

On Monday, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said his organization’s protocol could lead to players leaving the pitch.

La Liga protocol to take this possibility into account was followed by referees, but it didn’t go very far this time.

As Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois said after the game, one of the problems was that the referee followed the protocol, so maybe the protocol needs to be changed?

Maybe teams should be allowed to leave as soon as they think it’s the right thing to do instead of being penalized for it. Courtois said he would do it and they were happy to do it.

So did coach Carlo Ancelotti. Many of us would applaud that gesture because no one takes it very seriously unless such a symbolic action is taken. This would be a step in the right direction.

La Liga and its president Javier Tebas have been under constant criticism. But La Liga reported each incident, investigated it and sent details of the investigation to the police. That’s their role. It is up to the police and judges to take the next steps.

So La Liga is trying, more than ever, to point out the problems we have. Not just banners and hashtags, but actually reporting issues to their reps. Of course there’s more work being done, but at least they’re not looking away.

The laws are relatively strict and could send people to jail if strictly followed, but there is only one court case I can think of involving Inaki Williams being abused by Espanyol fans.

Many other court cases were dismissed for lack of evidence, or judges did not consider racial abuse to be a punishable matter. Some even say it is considered part of the football industry language. It makes you think there is institutional racism within the Spanish judiciary.

But does changing the law really get to the heart of the matter? The protocol should be stricter and benefit the victims, but it is society that must change.

We (including the sports media) don’t take it seriously enough. Fans around those who do this, don’t take it seriously. Some clubs are not as strong as their ultras. More clubs than ever object to fans who get caught.

We are moving forward, but slowly.

Everyone should be more determined about this. It’s a social problem until we see it as a social disease of society, until we generally condemn the abuse (you won’t be surprised to hear many people blame Pooh for it all) and make the punishment so So big that it’s intimidating. Furthermore, we will not move forward until we have created a committee of respected experts and followed up their conclusions from all over the club to the pitch.

The problem is that society is now so polarized that winning arguments seems more important than finding solutions.

Difficult times, but the fight against racism is ongoing every day and forever.

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