With The Grand Final Complete, The 2023 ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ Has A Winner

A grand finale of over four hours Eurovision song has come to an end.

The final featured 26 performers, selected from the original 37 entries through two semi-final rounds, and the broadcast did not disappoint.

True to heritage Eurovisionthe performances were packed with spectacular stage moments that featured plenty of heavily choreographed dancing, moody lighting, sparkles in the air, and even a vintage car featured in the guitar solo.

The evening also included a surprise appearance by Kate, Princess of Wales, who played the piano for the opening act.

After the performance, to fill the time open for voting, several former winners Eurovision performed a ‘tribute to Liverpool songs’, which started with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and ended with the artists, hosts and audience taking part in a rousing performance of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

Next, the winner from 30 years ago, Sona, performed, and after her one of the members of ABBA talked about how the winner Eurovision They changed the band’s lives forever, pointing out that ABBA now has a show on the Avatar stage.

After the end of the official voting period, first came the results of the jury votes from each of the participating countries, in which many votes went to the favorite Sweden, whose entry was Loreen’s song “Tattoo” that took the title. In 2012, Israel also received many jury votes.

When the jury voting was completed, Sweden had 340 points, followed by Israel in second place with 177 points, and Italy rounded out the top three, just one point behind Israel, with 176 votes.

During the jury’s vote, the topic of this year’s Eurovision, United by Song was clear as many countries sent positive messages to Ukraine before announcing their results, encouraging them to stay strong in light of their current situation.

After the jury voting was completed, the audience votes were added to each country’s score. Votes are revealed in reverse order, starting with the country currently lowest on the scoreboard. During these reveals, there is a lot of movement between up and down the scoreboard. For example, Germany moved to the bottom of the ranking with 15 points, while Norway with its 216 points jumped from almost last to second place – briefly. Ukraine made a similar move, in third place. With five votes, Spain moved up just one place.

In a shock twist, Finland leapfrogged Sweden to top the table with over 300 audience vote points. Then Italy took second place

This left Finland, Sweden and Israel as the top three.

Israel then moved into second place, but when Sweden’s numbers were read, the winner was declared as…


It is worth noting that at that moment Loreen became the second person to win Eurovision twice.

After Sweden was announced as this year’s winner, last year’s winner, the Kaluga Orchestra from Ukraine, presented the coveted trophy to Loreen.

The show ended with Loreen singing her winning song once more, during which she said ‘thank you’ to the audience.

2024 edition Eurovision song will undoubtedly celebrate 50th anniversary of the year ABBA took home the main prize, and it is important to note that during the broadcast it was announced that Luxembourg, which last participated in 1993 and 40 years after the country’s last victory, will finally return to the competition.

Since Sweden won the competition this year, the 2024 version of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in that country.

After all the excitement of this year’s competition, if viewers can’t wait for next year Eurovision songnever fear Junior Eurovisionwith artists aged nine to 14, starts in November.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 runner-up Finland will play in the semi-finals.

Taking third place, Israel, seen here performing in the Eurovision song.

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